SARAH Beeny's plans for a new home in her 'New Life In The Country' TV show were hit with a series of objections by locals - who said it would cause road accidents.

Property expert Sarah 48, is relocating her family from London to Somerset where she is transforming a 1970's farmhouse.

But the project which appears in an eight-part Channel Four series was struck with a series of objections by locals.

One neighbour labelled her original development plans "irresponsible and downright dangerous'' while another said they were ''extremely foolish''.

Somerset County Gazette:

Sarah and her husband Graham were eventually granted permission for their dream house.

But documents show objections to the development focused on a track leading from the property to a nearby road associated with accidents and poor traffic.

Her development on the edge of Bruton has been subject to an arduous planning permission process.

Somerset County Gazette:

Eight out of nine comments objected to the original application back in the summer of 2019.

Wincanton resident Paul Williams said: "Having lived here for 35 years and in that time seem dozens of accidents on this notorious stretch of road, several of which have been through my hedge.

"The idea of adding a further entrance/exit in this zone seems irresponsible and downright dangerous.

"I fully support the Parish Council's view that in the interest of public safety this proposal must be rejected."

Sandra Pentecost added how locals have spent days and nights "slowing and directing traffic on a blind bend to avoid further collisions."

She added: "I think it would be extremely foolish to allow any further vehicular access onto this road, particularly as the proposed dwelling has a well maintained and safe access from Barrow Water Lane.

"The tracks that the applicants are claiming to be existing access points are in fact not and never have been for vehicular use.

"I urge the planners to turn down the Application for this access point on to a dangerous and fast road."

William Heath, who live in a cottage a few hundred metres from the property said: "We have lived at Dairy Cottage for circa 4 years.

"During that time we have seen at least 23 road traffic incidents on the stretch of road between Trendle lane and the stoker Hill junction."

Somerset County Gazette:

Official data shows a lower number of incidents than Mr Heath suggests, but he argued not all traffic incidents are reported to the local authorities.

Mark Hill, who also lives in Home Farm, Wincanton backed up Mr Heath's claim, adding that Beeny's exit onto the road could risk potential accidents involving animals.

He said: "The proposed access point has, in fact, been the scene of a number of accidents in the last ten years due to vehicles increasing their speeds as they enter this particular stretch of road.

"One of the fields belonging to Home Farm is directly opposite the proposed access point and it contains livestock all year round. One of the significant concerns is the danger posed by increasing the potential for accidents at this point that could lead to vehicles damaging the hedging, fencing and livestock."

Objections also came towards plans to remove a small number of hedgerows to provide access to the property.

Wincanton resident Debbie Hicks said: "This hedgerow plays a key role in the wildlife connectivity between Moorwood and the River Pitt corridor for a number of species."

Another neighbour argued the trimming of any hedges would be disturbing "nesting birds" and therefore breaking regulations laid out by various wildlife acts.

Documents show a planning application was submitted in April 2019 and finally approved in July this year.

Somerset County Gazette: