WAS it Mucky Maureen with the mouse droppings or Grimy Gran’s grubby hands?

Somerset primary schoolchildren will be challenged to discover what led to the stomach-churning events in town when they take delivery of FoodO, a fun and interactive way to learn about food safety.

The game, invented by Taunton Deane Council environmental health officers, is part of a computer-based teaching pack going out to support curriculum work with 7-11-year-olds.

FoodO is based on the detective board game Cluedo, but the lead piping and revolver have been replaced with nasties like dirty utensils or contaminated meat that can lead to food poisoning.

Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum have given way to Slimy Simon, Mucky Maureen, Snotty Sarah and other dubious characters with unhygienic habits.

The aim is for players to find out how and where a case of food poisoning happened – and who was responsible, with the action in supermarkets, corner shops, butchers and snack vans.

35>FoodO was developed with funding from the Food Standards Agency and Somerset County Council’s Healthy Schools team have helped with piloting, advertising and distributing the resource.

The board game, given to Taunton and Wellington area primary schools three years ago, has now been developed into a PC-based version.

35>A resource pack includes a slideshow telling pupils how food poisoning is caused and how it can be prevented and a quiz to make sure they have absorbed the information.