THE mystery of the Unidentified Flying Object over Creech St Michael may have been solved.

As reported last week, Glen Cornell and his girlfriend’s family spotted a strange array of lights moving slowly across the sky and were convinced they had seen a UFO.

The County Gazette received a host of comments and phone calls from other eagle-eyed readers who had seen the lights and believed they had witnessed paranormal activity.

But it appears the UFO was a UFL – an Unidentified Flying Lantern.

Reader Grace Haskins, of Monkton Heath-field, filled us in on the lanterns, which were released from the wedding of Lottie Beecham and Simon Blake, who were married at Woodlands Hotel, near Ruishton, on August 23.

She said: “These lanterns were about twice the size of the County Gazette and a little like hot air balloons.

“They were lit underneath, then the heat lifted them up and the light shone through the paper-thin material.

“It was a beautiful way to end the wedding, however we all said they looked like little alien space ships.

“My mother, Lyn Haskins, even said how anyone putting the cat out would get a shock.”

Best man Philip Blake, 19, brother of Simon, said: “We did think it might cause a stir but we were more concerned they might set fire to something.

“We found it hilarious they were mistaken for UFOs when we read it in the paper.”

But Glen is not convinced the paper lanterns were his UFO.

He said: “Lanterns get carried on the wind but these were solid objects and far too large.

“The lights have been spotted in Chard, Brighton and just last week in Basingstoke.

“I don’t know what they were but they were definitely not lanterns.”

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