The perfect registration plate for Jeremy Corbyn is being sold - with a reserve price of just £300.

Officials at the DVLA are auctioning off COR87N at its first sale of 2019, and the guide price is surprisingly low.

A spokesperson for the DVLA said: "There are a lot of people across the country with the surname Corbyn and it hasn't been chosen due to any political connections."

But if the bicycle-loving Labour leader was to get into a bidding war over the plate, the treasury would stand to cash in.

After the 'hammer price', which is subject to VAT, the winner of the sale will have to pay a buyer's premium of eight per cent + VAT and an £80 assignment fee.

The DVLA will be selling 1,250 registrations during the three-day auction at The Casa Hotel in Chesterfield, Derbs.

One registration set to raise a few eyebrows is THE 90D (The God), which has a reserve of £300.

While the plate is likely to be targeted towards owners of the Tesla Model S 90D, the DVLA is known to ban plates with religious links.

Prior to sales, the DVLA said all registrations are considered by a "propriety steering group" who meet to discuss the appropriateness of registrations.

The sale of THE 90D was approved, but THE 6OD would have been rejected, according to the DVLA.

Other plates include ELT 8N, which could attract a certain iconic musician with a spare £350, and PA11 YNE, which might catch the eye of a One Direction heartthrob.