The craft beer site Beer Hawk has added its first-ever cider keg for its Perfect Draft machine, in Orchard Pig Reveller.

Due to the expected demand for this product Beer Hawk is keeping online orders to one keg at a time so that more people can get the chance to enjoy this new addition, and customers will be able to get 10 pints out of it.

It costs £35.50 per keg but comes with a catch that will need to be used in conjunction with the Philips PerfectDraft Machine which will help dispense the pint.

That device and glassware that comes with it cost £249, so it will obviously be a benefit if you already have that on you.

On the Beer Hawk website page for the Orchard Pig Reveller keg it says: "More apples, less bubbles” is the ethos of Orchard Pig, so Reveller is a gently sparkling cider with lower carbonation than other ciders on the market.

"The reason for this is to create a more consistent pint. One that doesn’t lose that initial fizz as you enjoy it. It also makes it perfect for food pairing as less gas means more room for grub!

"On the pour you will see a lightly sparkling, golden cider without the usual head you would find on a pint of beer. You will be able to smell the apples as soon as you start pouring and the taste finishes with a lime tanginess."

How to buy the Orchard Pig Reveller keg?

The Orchard Pig Reveller keg costs £35.50 and can be found on the Beer Hawk website here.

The Philips PerfectDraft Machine & Glassware costs £249 and can be found on the Beer Hawk website here.

Alternatively, a PerfectDraft Orchard Pig starter bundle, with the device, glassware and keg all in one costs £283.50 if that catches your fancy.

That can be found on the Beer Hawk website here.