It was warm and bright out when we tripped along to our local Pret A Manger – the perfect day to try out their spring menu.

When you’re heading for a Pret, you know your lunch is going to be a cut above the rest, so we were looking forward to sampling the newest items on the menu.

There was much to choose from including lighter options, such as crisp salads, but we couldn’t resist the rye rolls.

Somerset County Gazette: We went along and tried a few things from the Pret spring menu. Picture: NQWe went along and tried a few things from the Pret spring menu. Picture: NQ

Packed with fresh ingredients they looked full of flavour and didn’t disappoint. The Scandi Style Salmon Rye Roll was lavished with sliced radish, pickled onions, dill and a mustard mayo while the New Yorker was stacked with pastrami and gherkins and again topped off with mustard mayo.

The balance of flavours in both sandwiches was perfect and the fillings offered a satisfying crunch to every bite.

For veggies there’s the Aubergine Parmigiana option which I’ll definitely be trying the next time I’m passing.

On such a warm day we just had to try out the new fruit pots, opting for the tropical and watermelon and lime which were beautifully juicy and cooling.

Somerset County Gazette:

To satisfy the sweet tooth we grabbed a Raspberry and Almond Bakewell Tart each, which were soft and sticky but with the added crunch from the almonds. Yum!

To wash it all down we simply had to go for the brightly coloured trio of real fruit smoothies, made to order by the very friendly Baristas.

The new flavours are Tropical Peach, Berries and Cherries, and Sweet Greens – very difficult to pick a favourite from these, they were all wonderfully refreshing. Perhaps Sweet Greens felt like the healthiest option simply because of the colour but in truth, they all are packed with good things and hit the spot perfectly for heading back out into the heat.