Campers at this year's Glastonbury Festival have been warned not to erect gazebos to this year's event.

The shelters are popular among festival goers - particularly those who go in groups - as a source of shade and to gather under when not enjoying music at one of the event's more than 100 stages.

Glastonbury gets underway at Worthy Farm, Pilton, on Wednesday (June 22) with headliners Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar taking to the Pyramid Stage over the weekend.

The gazebo plea comes as the festival continues its long-running 'Love The Farm, Leave No Trace' campaign, which urges people to take all their camping gear home with them, rather than abandon it onsite when they leave.

"Please don’t bring gazebos to Glastonbury 2022," a spokesperson said.

"They take up valuable tent space and often get left behind.

"If any do appear people may be politely asked to take them down to free up space for others."

And they also warned against 'taping off' space around tents in a bid to save space for friends who may be arriving later.

"We’d also ask that you don’t put tape around your tent enclosures, please," they added.

"It makes it harder for others to get to their tents, can cause a hazard and creates unnecessary waste. Thank you."