Peter Andre is expecting to become a father for the fifth time after he and his wife Emily MacDonagh announced their most recent pregnancy.

The Mysterious Girl singer announced the news on Thursday morning alongside a post showing a cute photo of the couple.

In the post, Peter said they were "delighted" and "so excited" to announce the expected fifth child.

50-year-old Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh, 34, currently share two children together. He also shares an 18 and 16-year-old with ex-wife Katie Price.

Peter Andre expecting fifth child after wife Emily becomes pregnant

In the Instagram post, he said: "We are delighted to share the news with you all. A new addition to our family in 2024. The kids are so excited. So are we."

This comes after the pair revealed that they were open to the idea of having another child in an interview with OK! Magazine.

They said: "We do talk about it all the time, but one minute we’re a “yes” and the next we’re a “no”. We love the idea of having one more child, because the two we have together are the most amazing kids – but that thought usually lasts until we see other people with screaming babies! I don’t know. Maybe Junior will be bringing our grandchild to visit in the next 10 years!"

However, just a year prior, they ruled out having another, saying “there aren’t enough hours in the day”.

Peter said: "Hell no" to the question while Emily explained: ”I love babies, don’t get me wrong. But I was watching Millie talking yesterday with Theo and I thought ‘If I have a baby, it will be so hard to do this.’

"And I think actually the other kids would end up missing out a bit. So, for me, it’s just lovely how it is now. I love giving them all my focus and attention. I just don’t think the dynamic is right for a baby at the moment.”