For years she has been getting inside the heads of patients through spiritual healing, now MICHAEL MARSH gets under the skin of the woman known as the 'Wellington Witch'.

BROOMSTICKS, pentagrams and crystal balls are strewn across the home of ‘Wellington Witch’ Lyn Partridge-Webber.

Her barn conversion has seen many people pass through the doors; many looking to try out one of the 63-year-old’s healing therapies.

Lyn, a self-confessed natural psychic, certainly has an interesting way of thinking – and you can get an idea of what goes through her head in her first book, just published.

“Unfortunate things always happened to me on holiday and somebody said I should write them down. Eventually, it turned into this,” she tells me, pointing at a copy of her book Sit Still and Listen.

“It’s the story of my life journey and the only criticism I’ve had is that it’s not long enough, so there may be another!”

After moving to Somerset in 1973, Lyn trained in Reiki healing and says her phone is constantly ringing and email inbox pinging with requests from people looking for emotional support.

She said: “Some people might lose their way and need a bit of guidance; that’s what I’m here for.

“Nobody believes in natural psychic powers but when they need help you are the first person they come to.

“More recently, I have used emotional freedom technique in my healing sessions as this will pull out emotional roots to problems from the past, leaving the body’s own healing process to take place.

“It works very quickly so is an ideal therapy for the 21st Century, as most people have little time to spare.”

Although she works in the light, for the light, Lyn doesn’t call herself a White Witch.

She believes ‘magick’ is neither black nor white and it is their intent that makes it either good or bad.

“I look on it as electricity,” Lyn says. “You can’t see it but mess about with it and you will know.

“Often, when people meet a medium, they think he or she can read their mind and know everything about them. This is so untrue.

“Others think mediums know the answer to all their problems; again, this is untrue. We are just ordinary people having experience in this world to progress our soul.”

It was from her early days that Lyn could see supernatural things, but it wasn’t until she was 15 she realised not everybody could see what she could.

“I was born like this; I used to see things. When I got to 15 I think my parents became a bit concerned so I stopped everything.

“When I turned 18 I realised there were loads of people like me who are into this and I wasn’t just weird.

“Now I think I would find it quite difficult without this. I think I’m normal and it’s a way of life I’ve always had and got used to.”

In her later years, after the years of working at the Relyon and Swallowfield factories, Lyn retired and is now a full-time spiritual advisor.

She is also a part of Wellington Action Group for Dogs and Taunton New Spiritualist Church.

Lyn said: “I love to travel. I’m off to Australia and New Zealand at the start of 2014 so I’ll probably have more unfortunate tales for my next book.”

l ‘Sit Still and Listen’ is available from