STARGAZERS will be in their element when the ‘super blue moon’ is expected to be visible in the UK tonight.

People in the US have already seen the full lunar eclipse, known as the ‘super blue blood moon’, and the first for more than 150 years.

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While stargazers in the UK will not see the full eclipse, which is the ‘blood’ aspect of the phenomenon, they will however get to see the ‘super blue moon’.

There have been mixed reports on the likelihood of seeing the eclipse, but NASA has all the information you need on their website.

Somerset County Gazette:

When to see the ‘super blue moon’

Steer clear from as much light as possible and look up to the skies tonight and even at about 2am on February 2.

What is a super moon?

The moon being at its closest point to Earth.

What is a blue moon?

The second full moon in a month.

What is a blood moon?

A lunar eclipse when the Earth casts a red shadow on the moon.

People around the world have been tweeting about their sightings of the eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse: Super Moon, Blue Moon and Blood Moon. #SuperBlueBloodMoon