AVON and Somerset Constabulary has increased the number of officers using tasers.

A spokesman said last year the force took the decision to increase the number of officers using Taser to offer more protection against a rising tide of violence, resulting in a total of 379 trained officers across the constabulary by January 2018.'

Chief Constable Andy Marsh added: “In the last week alone, there have been nineteen assaults on our police officers.

''The uplift in the use of Tasers means our officers are better equipped to protect the public and themselves.

''Often just the sight of a Taser is enough to calm down an individual, quell their violence and diffuse a dangerous situation.

“There’s a lot of misinformation about Taser and we understand that much of this comes from a lack of knowledge about the circumstances of why, when and where we may use it.

''In most cases the Taser isn’t even deployed but simply used as a deterrent.

''With the roll-out of bodyworn cameras to frontline officers, the public can see that the use of Taser is correctly recorded.

Each occasion is closely scrutinised to ensure that the use is appropriate and proportionate.”