SELFLESS volunteers have been arriving at Musgrove Park Hospital to help out in the extreme weather

Around 20 volunteers turned out in their 4X4 cars to help get people to and from the hospital. 

The cars are lined up outside A&E ready to go when needed. 

Somerset County Gazette:

While many appointments have been cancelled, there are still people at the hospital in need of help from the staff.

One of the volunteers, Chris Wood, from Taunton, said: "It was on Facebook this morning that they were desperate to get people in and out, so, I just thought, there's so much bad press for four-wheel drives, let's go and give them a hand, I've been here all morning. We'll stay until they say they don't need us, won't be doing much else today." 

One volunteer, Ashley Chappell, travelled all the way from Burnham-on-Sea to answer a Facebook appeal for help. 

He said: "I couldn't go into work this morning, I've got a four-wheel drive, I heard on the radio saying if anyone could help in anyway. I phoned the hospital, they said yes, we do need four-wheel drives."

The volunteers have been helping by collecting members of staff. 

Mr Wood added: "We are ferrying people about, picking up people, taking them back, I picked a doctor up this morning who couldn't get into work. Whatever they need to do really."

Mr Chappell said: "I've picked up three nurses and a doctor, doing whatever I can."

Chief medical officer, Stuart Walker, said that without the volunteers the hospital would have 'really struggled'. 

He said: "One group of people who has responsed to our request is local 4X4 owners. 

"Frankly, they have kept us ticking over and without them we would have really struggled. 

"These are members of the public who has volunteered to come and help us when we are in such a difficult situation. 

"I would like to reiterate our thanks to all of those. Even the odd drivers of tractors, and people that have ploughs on the back of their machines who have also helped us clear our paths. 

"The response from the community in Taunton has been great."

Even a tractor was spotted parked outside the hospital. 

Somerset County Gazette:

A lot of cars look stuck in the car parks, but the QPARK site is still being used. 

Somerset County Gazette:

Somerset County Gazette: