YOU might have been lucky enough to have the day off today - or had the option of working from home, but the hard-working staff sadly can't keep saving lives from the comfort of their kitchen table with a cup of tea in hand. 

Musgrove Park Hospital has seen two days of cancellations, with many appointments expected to be cancelled on Monday as well. 

Stuart Walker, chief medical officer at the hospital, says that a number of actions have been taken in preparation for the extreme weather

He said: "In response to the red Met Office weather alert, we have undertaken a number of actions and cancelled all routine and out patient appointments and routine procedures. 

"We are still undertaking any clinically urgent interventions yesterday and today, and we are now in the process of looking at cancellations for Monday, certainly in terms of procedures. 

"We are contacting people if they have been cancelled, so people will hear from us to say I am afraid we have had to cancel your appointment, and we will book them back in as quick as we possibly can to minimise the inconvenience for the individuals."

Difficulties at the hospital revolve around transport - getting staff to and from the hospital and transporting patients for admissions or discharges. 

To help with this, staff are being accommodated if they are unable to get home, and extra food and drink is available.

Mr Walker added: "We've had a real problem with our staff getting into the hospital safely. 

"So we have put on a number of things, firstly accommodation and transport arrangements for staff, to ensure that as many as possible can be transported to the hospital and home after. 

"We've also put on meals and drinks and breakfast and things like that to keep everyone going. 

"The situation is very difficult with the weather as it is and transport difficulties. In addition, we are struggling with patient movement, for discharge, admissions and transport between us and community hospitals for example. We are doing what we can with a number of partners to facilitate that patient transfer." 

The hospital is seeing a lot of staff coming into to work even if they are not scheduled to do so, including from different NHS organisations. 

Those who have turned up for their shift or extra shifts have been praised for their "tremendous" efforts. 

While it looks like the snow is here to stay, the hospital is reaching out to staff members that aren't scheduled to work to come in. Anyone available to do so is asked to call 01823 333444 and to ask for Staff Bank. 

"I think it is important to highlight the fantastic response we have had form our staff members to the demands placed on the hospital in response to the severe weather," Mr Walker added.

"They have been incredibly flexible. We've had people walking in for an hour or more. As long as people are able to ensure their own safety then we really need people to attend to undertake their shifts.

"We will support transport for them as much as we possibly can.

"I'd like to thank the staff that have been absolutely tremendous for their response to the combination of situations, and particularly how they have managed to maintain patient safety."