AT the weekend, Simon Heyburn of Blue Flames ABC heading north to Gloucester to compete in another close bout.

Heyburn boxed the home boxer in a close contest in which both boxers clearly wanted the win, however the bout ended with the home boxer stuck on the ropes taking a barrage of punches.

This late flurry helped Heyburn earn the win on points, a well deserved win at that.

Next up, the boxing club travelled to Street where Spencer Poole boxed a home lad.

Both boxers met in the middle and felt each other out for the first half of the round however soon after the home boxer started to increase the pressure and landed a strong combination.

This gave Spencer a standing eight count, yet he came back strong returning the eight count on the home boxer.

Spencer then upped his work rate again and the towel was thrown in by the opponents corner earning Spencer a second round stoppage.