THREE boxers representing Blue Flames ABC all competed at the Women's Winter Box Cup last week in Manchester.

The two day Olympic style event had three rings running different bouts and attracted the best UK and international boxers.

The three female boxers from the Taunton-based club, Anya, Macey and Charlie, all picked up medals at the event.

First up Anya boxed a girl from Yorkshire in the semi finals and worked hard and featured in a majority of the recap footage showing the cleaner shots.

Unfortunately she just missed out on the win taking a points loss.

Macey boxed in the finals taking a massive step up in experience and did not look out of place.

She started strong giving her opponent a heavy bleeding nose causing her to be checked by the doctor twice. Unfortunately the ref favoured Macey's opponent and the bout Macey appeared to be winning was stopped in her opponents favour.

Charlie beat a good girl from Liverpool in the semis on day one dominating all three rounds and doing herself and her club proud she went on in to the finals to take on the number one girl from Denmark.

She didn’t win but was not devastated as she enjoyed the challenge and having the experience of boxing someone of that level. Charlie didn’t look out of place and will look to box her opponent again in the future.

All three girls and the rest of the female squad can be seen in action on the Blue Flames All Female Show on January 21  The Lawns Social Club in Taunton.