THE MYSTERY continues as there is still no answer to why a beloved swan who lived at Wellington Basins has passed away.

The Penn, who was frequently seen alongside her companion caring for her cygnets, was found dead at the beginning on November last year.

It isn’t known how or why the bird died as it is believed there was no obvious signs of physical damage.

The Penn and Cobb have four cygnets. She was ringed in July 2011 at Abbotsbury and was recorded as a two-year-old.

The news of her death sparked emotional goodbyes from residents on social media.

A spokesman for the Basins Volunteer Group said that attempts to find out details surrounding the beloved swan's death have proved futile.

He added: "At the meeting held on Monday, January 15, due to the fact that regrettably no information was obtainable and no autopsy report can be obtained as to the cause of the death of the Pen Swan, the group has decided that it would not proceed further with the matter. If members of the public wished to try to find out further details it would be left to them to try different avenues."