THE future of a piece of land in Wellington has been left in ‘limbo’ after an appeal was delayed by more than two months.

The appeal regarding 205 homes and 60 care apartments on land off Bagley Road, Rockwell Green, started on Tuesday, February 13, at Flook House in Taunton.

Both sides went through their opening statements, outlining the main reasons for the appeal following the planning application refusal in April 2017 due to it being outside Taunton Deane’s allocated development area.

The appellant, Gladman Development, outlined its intention to argue that TDBC cannot meet its five-year housing land supply, the extra-care units were needed, and that Rockwell Green was a ‘sustainable’ area for the development.

The council stated it maintains that the area is an unsustainable location, that the primary schools were already full or close to capacity, and that it can deliver its five-year supply of houses.

But proceedings were adjourned until April 24 on the second day after Sarah Reid, of King’s Chambers, speaking on behalf of Gladman, caused contention with a point she made during her opening statement.

Within the statement, she said that Taunton Deane’s development plan was “silent” on meeting the needs of the elderly.

The point was raised in response to evidence given by TDBC planning officer, Matt Bale, who said: “There is no specific development plan requirement for this type of provision.”

Speaking on behalf of the council, Nadia Sharif, refuted the claims by Gladman, but stated they would not have enough time to gather evidence to defend themselves this week.

Another issue surrounds Mr Bale, as he is set to leave his position this week. Ms Sharif said they would need time to ensure the next planning officer was brought up-to-date with the goings on of the appeal before proceeding.

Planning inspector Phillip Ware, said: “It is clear there are a number of issues we have to deal with.

“Firstly, both parties could not reach an agreement about the requirements for the needs of the elderly and so that needs to be addressed.

“I will adjourn this inquiry so the relevant documents and information can be exchanged between the two parties.”

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Wellington Town Councillor John Thorne said: “The town council is in unanimous opposition to this planning application.

“The adjournment leaves us in limbo, it’s unfortunate.

“It will be months before it starts again and then months again for the decision to be made.

“It doesn’t change our position.

“Hopefully it can be better organised next time.”