TAUNTON residents have given their suggestions on where to go to get the best fish and chips in the town.

There were multiple mentions of Blue Ocean, based on Kingston Road. One local said: "Blue Ocean, the best in Somerset!"

Another said: "Blue Ocean, Kingston Road, hands down."

Meanwhile, Ocean Fish Bar on Cheddon Road also proved popular. Someone commented: "I will be cooking mine...but would say Cheddon Road chippy and Kingston Road chippy is lovely."

Some even like to mix and match, with one local saying: "Cheddon Road for chips definitely, but Hamilton Road for the fish.

"Yes, I go two different places to get a good meal that we like."

The Hamilton Road establishment is called Sea Bass, and serves everything from fish, chips, chicken, burgers and more. 

Many locals took factors other than food into account, such as how easy it is to park and collect their food. Someone said: "Hamilton Road fish and chip shop is very nice, you can park outside."

Howard's Fish and Chip shop was given multiple mentions. Located on St James Street, the establishment is popular with those wanting delivery, since it is on the Just Eat app. Locals also visit the shop directly to get their favourite takeaway. One commenter said: "Howard’s on St James street are amazing."

Echoing a love for delivery, another added: "Star Fish Bar home delivery for tea."

One resident was rather reluctant to share the name of the best fish and chip shop, saying: "Now if I told you where the best chippie in Taunton is, you'd all go there and form a large queue and I wouldn't be able to buy their delicious fish and chips.

So, I think I'll keep it's location to myself."

However, it seems that where people like to go can be limited to budget, with a Taunton resident saying that the best fish and chips are anything "under a tenner."

With so many different recommendations put forward, one local even suggested that Taunton has the best chippies in the region, saying: "So, all the chip shops in town, so we have the best in Somerset I say."

Whichever one is your favourite, it is safe to say that Taunton has a lot to offer.