A TOTAL of 275 people became potential life savers by registering on the stem cell donor register in Taunton on Saturday.

Becki Robertshaw organised the event, which involved giving a mouth swab, at North Street Church in memory of toddler Margot Martini, from the Midlands, who died of blood cancer last year.

Buskers played outside, with face painters and Anna and Elsa from Frozen also appearing, as the incredible response boosted the number of registered donors in Somerset by an amazing 45% and a raffle raised £2,000 for the Delete Blood Cancer charity.

Simon, who had a bone marrow transplant 12 weeks ago, took his wife along so she could register.

Margot’s father, Yaser, who drove down from London to attend, said: “The Team Margot donor drive in Taunton was a triumph.

“These are relatively small numbers and what we really need is for the rest of the county and indeed the nation to step up and do something so simple, and yet so meaningful, which can potentially save a life.

“It's a great start along the longer journey – we’re aiming at getting 4% of the UK population onto the stem cell register, which means we wish to encourage another 1.5million people to join.”

To sign up visit teammargot.com or go to www.taunton4margot.com Becki said: “The Taunton4margot team want to thank everyone who came along on Saturday to register, who bought a raffle ticket, a cake or a wristband.

“Thanks to the volunteers who gave up their Saturday to swab and register all those people.

“We hope that this will be the start of truly something special in Taunton as we hope to do more things to get people registered.”

Twitter is @taunton4margot