FLOUR power is what one master baker has grown up with in Somerset.

Jason Jobling is a master baker with Warrens Bakery, the oldest bakery in Cornwall, and is responsible for making sure all the bakeries in the county get their delivers on time and are up to standard.

Warrens Bakery was established in 1860, and the new store in Taunton follows hot in the footsteps of the recently opened store in Bridgwater.

The company which has a rich heritage produce an array of award-winning sweet and savoury bakes plus signature Cornish pasties.

Recently the bakery celebrated being announced as one of the UK’s top three craft bakeries in the Baking Industry Awards 2017.

Taunton has been added to the list of stores as a shop and it opened its doors to the public on Monday, October 30.

Somerset County Gazette:

Baking and flour is something which Jason admitted he ‘had in his blood’ as his father was a baker so he grew up in a bakery.

He said: “I always liked baking and making things and I get a satisfaction and pleasure from making things.

"Being a baker and a chef is like doing science, you have to be precise and you have to follow a formula in order to get things right.

Somerset County Gazette:

"There is a precision to it all and you have to get it right and make sure the standards are high.

"Baking has changed is the last few years and some of the popular loaves we sell include a malt crunch bread and sourdough bread.

“We are making products with rye and olives, we make focaccia and have recently launched a German dark rye rolled in seeds.

"What we try and do is anticipate trends.”

Jason is in charge of making sure each store in Somerset (there are seven including Taunton) get their loaves and cakes every day.

Jason who has 30 years experience as a baker, has to make sure 3,000 loaves of bread get to the correct stores at the right time.

This would include, white, brown, seeded, multi grain, farmhouse, indeed every variety of bread under the sun.

He sees himself very much as being an artisan baker, as each of the loaves are hand made as are all the cakes sold by Warrens Bakery.

One of the things Jason (who is also head of the Cornish Pastry Association) was redesign the 150 year old Cornish pastry recipe to create an authentic vegan experience with the arrival of the Vegan Original Pasty.

Somerset County Gazette:

Jason is so up to the mark and on the ball, when many of us are enjoying the summer sunshine on the beach or abroad, Jason and his team are already cooking up Christmas.

In the summer months, Jason is already making Christmas puddings and he said this was when he got the smell of Christmas for the first time each year.

All the puddings are matured for at least three months before they go into the stores. As they old adage goes ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ and this is so true for Jason.

In the case of the Christmas cakes they began making these in September.

On a day to day basis some of the top sellers in Warrens Bakery are:

- doughnuts

Somerset County Gazette:

- Gingerbread men which sell 80,000 - 90,000 a week

- Belgium Bun

- Shortbread

- Scones The scones are something which Jason is proud of as you can buy them frozen and take them home to cook them yourself or they will cook they for you fresh in the shop.

Somerset County Gazette:

They are made using clotted cream, butter and butter milk.

Jason said: “What is good is seeing young people coming into the profession and getting involved in baking. What drives me is the ability to make so much and to make premium products.

“I think it is important to have the artisan skills and crafts which go with that. We always use quality ingredients and make no comprise. We have a lot of customers who keep coming back to us and that is very important to us. We are making items which are gluten free and adding to things like producing a roast chicken flavoured pasty.

“What is good is we have so many new products.

“It is a team effort and it is a journey for the whole team.”

Further details can be found online at warrensbakery.co.uk