A PRE-SCHOOL is closing its doors after more than 40 years serving the community - leaving some children without a place.

West Monkton Pre-school, based at the village hall, will be closing over Christmas and won’t reopen in the New Year.

Karen Vanstone, manager said it was due to new facilities in the area leaving the setting without enough children to keep going viably.

But some children who attend the preschool will be left without a place in early years education.

“Due to the lack of children the setting just became unsustainable,” She said.

“New developments in the area had a knock-on effect, and we haven’t built back the numbers.

“Our committee worked so hard and so did the committee at the village hall.”

The preschool has been running for around 42 years in the village.

To say goodbye, the team is hosting a tea party on December 21 at 1pm for past and present families to come and say farewell.

Ms Vanstone, who had been manager for a year, said that although most children have found somewhere else to go, a few have been left without.

She added: “It’s really sad, especially for those starting school in September.

“We’ve got great facilities and a good Ofsted score, and because we are small we are a little family.

“There’s definitely a need for the service in the community.”

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “We have been informed of the sad news that West Monkton Pre-School is closing.

“We have given the Pre-school support and advice on how to manage the closure.

“Any parent that is still having difficulties finding suitable childcare can use our free Childcare Finder Service.”

Call 0300 123 2224 for more information on the council’s services.