TAUNTON Deane MP Rebecca Pow seems to have forgotten that former Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been dead for almost five years.

During a quiz on Radio 5 Live, Ms Pow said her "living political hero" was Baroness Thatcher.

However, Ms Pow was undeterred when interviewer John Pienaar pointed out: "Well, she's not living."

"She is living," persisted Ms Pow. "At the moment she's living with me every night.

"She's right next to my bed at the moment because my husband, in my Christmas stocking, gave me a little book about her.

"So at the moment she's living with me every night."

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Ms Pow, who sparked anger last year by insisting people have "thousands more in their pockets" despite welfare cuts, said during the interview that Theresa May was "doing a great job" as PM.

She also failed to rule out running for the leadership of the Conservatives one day.

She also likened Environment Secretary Michael Gove to a "tenacious Hereford bull".