THE lurgy depleted the number of runners in the annual Stoke Stampede 10k race in and around Stoke St Gregory on Sunday.

Nearly 370 runners from across the South West took part despite the cold weather, down on the 450 who had registered but were forced to pull out through illness or injury.

Despite some icy conditions and a chilly headwind over the last two kilometres, a number of participants clocked personal bests Ian Tyson, from Torbay ACC led from start to finish, recording a time of 35 minutes and 35 seconds, while Hannah Taunton was second in 37 minutes nine seconds.

Some of the finishes resulted in impressive sprints, including Tom Duxbury, chairman of the local playing field, which received funds from the event, against Gary Thompson, who supplied water and volunteered before the race, and father and son James and Archie Barrah, with the latter pipping his father to the title of fastest local.

Competitors ranged in age between 15 and 70-years-old, with the majority being women and most of them not currently member of a running club.


Fastest man, Ian Tyson, 35:35; fastest woman, Hannah Taunton. 37:09.

Men aged 18-34: 1 James Warren, 38:40; 2 James Clifford, 41:08; 3 Chris Perring, 43:13.

Women aged 18-34: 1 Hannah Taunton. 37.09; 2 Caroline Norris, 41.32; 3 Ellie Steer, 44.51.

Men aged 35-49: 1 Ian Tyson, 35:35; 2 Carl Murphy, 37:13; 3 Marcus Albano, 37:56.

Women aged 35-49: 1 Serane Stone, 37:47; 2 Helen Anthony, 40:36; 3 Melanie Brooks, 42:59.

Men aged over 50: 1 Miles Pearce, 40:28.

Women aged over 50: 1 Jenny Mills, 44:37.

Males aged 15-18: 1 Chris Brown, 38:18.

Females aged 15-18: 1 Rebecca Aspden, 53:57.

Male resident of Stoke St Gregory parish and fastest local male junior: 1 Archie Barrah, 44:16.

Female local: 1 Sarah Durrant, 51:38.

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