A FIRM date has not been set for a new scheme that would see three Taunton streets become people-friendly.

Taunton Deane Borough Council's plan, which is set to take place early this year, would see East Street closed to all traffic apart from buses and cyclists, Hammet Street closed to vehicles during the day, and St James Street between North Street and Lower Middle Street pedestrianised.

The scheme would initially run as an 18-month trial. 

The trial was originally set to begin in autumn 2017, but was delayed following the consultation. 

The push-back was said to be because businesses in the area did not want to the trial to begin in the run up to Christmas. 

No firm date has been set, but a spokesman for Taunton Deane Borough Council said that the details would be announced in "due course". 

The spokesperson said: "We can confirm the intention to proceed with a trial during the early part of 2018 and will release the detail of changes to streets in the town centre and dates in due course."