A SCHOOL in Taunton is hoping to become the first school in Somerset to recycle all of its waste. 

Taunton School, Staplegrove Road, has been working with Exeter-based company Devon Contract Waste in a bid to become more sustainable. 

Approximately six tonnes of dry mixed recycling, which includes plastic, cardboard and paper, is collected for processing each month from Taunton School.

With a ban on glass already in place on school premises, the school also plans to add food and confidential waste to its waste programme.

Lee Glaser, Taunton School Headmaster said: “Being a responsible and caring member of our wider community is a key element of our school values and managing our waste correctly plays a big part.

"Having taken steps to reduce the amount of waste we produce on site, Zero to Landfill is an ideal solution to minimise our reliance on landfill and continue our ongoing commitment.

"We educate children to embrace a global outlook, and doing our bit to safeguard the planet for their future is something we take seriously.”

The students are embracing the school’s green commitment and the Prep School already has an eco leaders group who promote sustainability.

Henry Collins, a Year 8 eco leader said: “I think it is great that we are the first school to do this and we can show other schools how to go to zero to landfill. It is sad what happens to animals when they get caught up in plastic and we should all think about the consequences when we throw things away.”

Daisy Stout, an eco leader also in Year 8, said: “I hope it will encourage others to do the same and then we will have a healthier world.”

The school's move towards a greener future has been praised by council officials. 

Cllr Patrick Berry, executive councillor for environmental services at Taunton Deane Borough Council, said: “I am very impressed with the commitment being made by Taunton School.

"It sends a clear message to the students about the importance of being responsible with your waste and caring for the environment, and sets a wonderful example for others to follow.”

Devon Contract Waste is a provider of commercial waste management services in Devon and bordering areas of Cornwall and Somerset. All waste is recycled, for example, plastics are turned into new products such as carrier bags and bin liners, but also fleeces, umbrellas, children’s toys and car bumpers.

Simon Almond, managing director at Devon Contract Waste said: “Devon Contract Waste ensures that all materials that can be recycled, are, with residual waste processed to generate energy.

"Moving to our Zero to Landfill service is a natural extension of the great work Taunton School has already undertaken and we’re proud to support the school on its sustainability journey.”