RECENT cases dealt with by Taunton Magistrates' Courts.

Jessica Berry, 25, of Mary Street, Taunton, drunk and disorderly, six months conditional discharge, £20 victim surcharge, £85 costs. (G).

Megan Alexandra Boustead, 22, of Callins Close, Minehead, theft, £80 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £174 compensation, £85 costs. (G).

Jamie Passmore, 36, of Belmont Road, Taunton, assault by beating, 12 months conditional discharge, £50 compensation, £20 victim surcharge, £85 costs. (G).

Barry Austin Sellick, 61, of Crosslands, Tonedale, Wellington, drink driving, £250 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £85 costs, 12 months driving ban; driving without insurance, £250 fine. (G).

Duncan Bryan David Jones, 51, of High Street, Porlock, driving while disqualified, £120 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £85 costs, six points; driving without insurance, £120 fine; driving without MOT, no separate penalty. (G).

Alexander David Lunnis, 34, of Hamilton Road, Taunton, three counts of theft, breached a conditional discharge order imposed for theft, community order, £120 fine, £360 compensation, £85 costs. (G).

Cameron Stan Trevelyan, 20, of Mary Street, Taunton, assault by beating, attempted to damage a shop window, failed to surrender to bail, community order, £40 fine, £85 victim surcharge, £85 costs. (G).

Steven Parkinson, 47, of Zeal Hayne, Shillingford, assault by beating, community order, 120 hours unpaid work, restraining order, £350 compensation, £85 costs. (G).

Damian Lukasz Jankowski, 40, of Meadow Rise, St Columb Major, Newquay, sold alcohol to a 16 year old boy at The Polish Supermarket, Bridge Street, Taunton, £145 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £300 costs. (G).

Pro Infinity Ltd, of Bridge Street, Taunton, sold alcohol to a 16 year old boy, £290 fine, £30 victim surcharge, £900 costs. (G).

(G) denotes guilty plea or admits offence. Details supplied by the courts.