A TAUNTON woman has called off her wedding as her critically ill father is unable to walk her down the aisle.

Amie, who was due to marry her fiance Munya early this month, has postponed her nuptials as she is "unable to contemplate" getting married without her father, Gary, at her side.

She plans to reschedule her big day when her dad recovers.

Innocent bystander Gary, 58, was seriously injured after he intervened to try to break up a mass brawl in Manchester on Munya's stag bash on Saturday, February 10.

Gary currently remains in hospital in Manchester.

The family have asked us not to reveal their surname.

Amie's aunt Lianne said: "Gary remains in critical care. As a family we remain positive with regards to the progress he displays.

"The information some witnesses have provided to date has been good.

"We still urge anyone to contact the police with what you know, no matter how irrelevant you many think it is.

"How anyone can keep the whereabouts of the attacker a secret is something Amie and (her brother) Shaun cannot comprehend.

"Their mindless action has had a devastating effect on our lives."

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Lianne added: "Amie and Munya have had no other option than to make the difficult decision and cancel their upcoming wedding, due to take place at the beginning of March.

"To be married without her dad by her side is something that Amie is unable to contemplate.

"The venue has been very sympathetic to the circumstances and shown effective customer care by offering future dates for them to consider."

Lianne has now launched a crowdfunding appeal to help Amie and Shaun stay in Manchester, close to their father as he recovers.

She said: "My brother-in-law remains in a critical condition in Manchester and both Amie and Shaun have been staying in hospital rooms and hotels.

"All of the hospital staff have been amazing, but inevitably they cannot accommodate them endlessly.

"Living a lengthy four hours’ drive away, it is absolutely essential they are near Gary every day, to encourage their dad to wake up and equally it is important for them emotionally.

"Currently they are renting an apartment in close vicinity to Salford Royal, where they can support each other, cook meals, rest and wash clothes.

"Hundreds of miles away from home, with no certainty of income this accommodation has to be funded for by themselves.

"We have purchased them clothes and essential items, however this furnished apartment is £1,000 a week.

"As a family we have been staying in surrounding hotels or traveling back and forth from Somerset.

"This is funded by us personally and enables us to provide Amie and Shaun with the emotional support they need."

Lianne has so far raised more than £700 towards her target of £1,500

She added: "We have received so many offers of help and I would really like to appeal to you all for any donation - no matter how small, during this already emotional and stressful time."

To donate to the crowdfunding appeal, click here.