TAUNTON magician Nigel Ford was among thousands of people paying tribute to zany comedian Sir Ken Dodd, who has died at the age of 90.

Mr Ford met Doddy on a number of occasions at the annual Blackpool Magicians Convention, of which the latter was president.

"It was always a sheer delight to meet up with Sir Ken Dodd," said Mr Ford.

"Among many other fellow magicians he always found time to speak to me and offer advice for my repertoire.

"Sometimes we would have lengthy conversations but that never bothered Ken. He had time for us all.

"He told me of his fondness for the West Country and knew the Wurzels very well. He remembered performing with them a number of years ago at Bridgwater Town Hall."

Doddy was famous for his huge catalogue of jokes, which earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Mr Ford added: "He told me, ‘I do not remember every joke, sometimes I make them up as I go along and I never know the punchline until I get to the very end’. He was certainly a comical genius.

"This year’s convention lacked a certain magical spark as Ken was recovering in a Liverpool hospital. I was privileged to be invited to sign a get well card for him instead. Alas even magicians cannot always perform miracles."