The Wombats edged out Taunton Rubies in the first game of the Taunton and District Youth Cricket League season.

It took place under the delightful Sunday.

The Rubies, having won the toss and choosing to bat first, met the Wombats' Thomas and Reuben at the crease, each taking wickets.

Elizabeth and Marni took over the bowling, maintaining low scores.

Their teamwork, combined with Pranap's spin which netted two wickets, held Rubies' batsmen at bay.

An impressive catch from Pranap alongside Jesse further increased the pressure.

Despite fierce bowling from Jacob and Jude, the Rubies showed excellent composure, ending on a score of 211.

The Wombats couldn't afford complacency as Jacob, their opener, alongside Marni brought the score to 224, losing just one wicket.

This included the season's first six from Jacob.

Jude and Jesse struggled to add to the score, losing two more wickets.

However, Thomas and Elizabeth found their rhythm and made steady progress, despite Elizabeth being run out by Thomas.

Final batters, Pranap and Reuben, held the line against the Rubies' finest bowlers.

Their strategic play contributed to the Wombats' score with just one wicket loss on the game's final ball.

The match was a display of Under 11 cricket at its best.

Both teams showed promising young talent and sportsmanship, promising an exciting season ahead.