FITZHEAD round-the-world cyclist Ken Roberts hopes to arrive in Hong Kong in time for Christmas.

Ken has covered two continents and 9,000 miles on his ride in aid of the Outward Bound Trust, which helps develop young people’s potential, after setting out in September last year.

He plans to take a break in Hong Kong before cycling on to Australia, New Zealand and North America in January.

He has so far been through the heart of Central Asia and China after crossing Europe, northern Turkey, Georgia and the Caucasus.

Ken, who hopes to complete his mammoth ride inside four years, has experienced roaring temperatures, gale force winds, corruption, detention by border guards and a few bouts of illness.

He said: “There have been some tough moments, coping with the elements and dealing with loneliness.

“But it’s all part of the challenge and will make my arrival in Hong Kong for Christmas all the more satisfying.”

*To keep up with Ken's progress, check on his blog, photos and video clips by clicking on the Across Continents link on this story.