PLANS have been put in place to bring back the 33-metre-high Observation Wheel to Minehead Seafront in Easter next year.

The Minehead Events Group is currently undertaking consultation and say they have directly emailed many who expressed concerns when the Wheel was first introduced in the summer of 2016, as well as posting flyers through letter boxes belonging to flats on the seafront.

The rest of the houses in the area will also be leafleted shortly, with all comments being invited to

Cllr Andrew Hadley from Minehead Events Group said: "We are hoping to kick start the new tourist season starting in Easter by bringing back the Observation Wheel, with other events planned for June and August.

"We have notified the mayor and the town clerk of our intentions and will be making a formal application to use the council-owned land very shortly, and will also initiate consultation with other official bodies."

When the Wheel was first brought in 2016 it was the star attraction along the seafront, with thousands of people taking the chance to view Minehead from above.

However many seafront flat owners were furious that the Wheel was put up with little consultation or notice.