A "SERIOUS" plastic problem is washing up on Somerset's beaches.

More than 400kg of plastic has been collected by one man across the coastline near Bridgwater Bay.

His haul includes needles, lighters and an assortment of other plastics that have washed up on the shore.

Shane Austin, a volunteer beach cleaner, said: "The situation is serious and only when you do a beach clean, can you truly see how bad it is.

"It all got a bit addictive, as a result I've been out nearly every day since my first, cleaning as much as I can from numerous beaches in Somerset.

"I have collected more than 400kg of plastics and other litter from Somerset's beaches, sometimes I have help and others are doing there bit when they can.

"You only have to walk or drive along any road in the UK to see the extent of litter. Anything that will float that finds it's way into road drains, will most likely end up in the sea, some will get washed up on the shore, most will just drift about endangering wildlife and polluting the water."

Mr Austin's latest clean took him to Steart beach, where he was shocked by the amount of waste he found.

"I knew of the plastic litter problems, way before Blue Planet 2 brought it to the attention of many people, but never took part in a beach clean," He added.

"One day last December I decided to do a clean on Steart beach and was astonished by how much was there, I cleaned an area and the next day after just two more tides, there was a load more."

A spokesman for Sedgemoor District Council said: "As it is a very rural location, with a very long standline, we would ask people if they find anything to mark the site in some way so that we don’t spend hours looking for a needle in the debris."

It can be reported at sedgemoor.gov.uk/article/2221/Report-a-litter-problem or on 0300 303 7800.