A LARGE bird which went missing from his home on a farm near Williton has been found safe and well after two days away from home.

Doug the Rhea went missing from a farm in Sampford Brett and had not been seen since Wednesday (January 17).

The owners have raised Doug alongside his sibling since they were babies.

Jane Foster, was offering a cash reward for his safe return and says he is not dangerous.

She said: "We have a farm in Sampford Brett and have hand raised 2 Rheas there since they were babies. Sadly one of them disappeared on Wednesday with absolutely no trace.

"We have hunted high and low for him but still nothing and we have come to the conclusion that he may have been stolen.

"I am also offering a cash reward for his safe return.

"I would also like to say that they are not dangerous and will not attack you."

After two days away from home, Jane reported Doug had been found safe and well, if a little scared.

She added: "He’s been found. He was trapped down a steep bank after being chased by a dog.

"He’s ok, just cold and very hungry. A happy ending and lesson to dog owners to keep them on a lead."