COULD Minehead be set for high-octane racing action?
Early meetings have taken place investigating whether Minehead might be able to bring a soapbox derby to the town in a bid to attract tourists.

Bill Howard, owner of Minehead’s Old Hospital, has been looking into the possibility and says it is exactly the sort of event Minehead needs.

“We would be looking to do something potentially in October – that would allow families to build their race carts over the summer holidays,” Mr Howard said.

A first meeting was held at the Old Hospital last week and another is due to take place on Wednesday, February 21, at 8pm. 

“We would love for people to come along who would be interested in helping out in anyway. If there are people out there who have experience organising events in this sort of vein they would be most welcome too,” Mr Howard said.

Mr Howard plans to get in touch with Red Bull to investigate the possibility further – a similar event in Portishead run by Red Bull attracted a crowd of 10,000 in 2017.

He is also hopeful this is the type of event the Minehead Business Investment District (BID) could support.

“If the BID gets approval, we would be able to apply in the summer. We also hope to get the Minehead Events Group involved,” Mr Howard said.

“Everything is still at a very early stage but this could be a major event for Minehead, boost the profile of the town and help local businesses.”

Mr Howard is also involved in a new Minehead Christmas Group which has been started to organise a big Christmas event for the town after December’s lights switch-on was dubbed ‘a wasted opportunity’ by residents.

He said: “The Christmas group has made a positive start – we have had more than 35 people at both meetings so far.”