Ian Liddell-Grainger has been highly critical of animal rights activists in his most recent Bridgwater Mercury common and divided opinion with his comments.

Mercury reader Will Chalmers got in touch to let us know his thoughts:

"Mr Liddell-Grainger, why do you believe that animals which are kept as pets are entitled to protection from cruelty whilst animals who are reared on farms and wildlife should be exempt?  

"Whether an animal lives in a cosy house or  in a hole in the ground, it surely has the same basic needs and consideration as other living beings.

"Farm animals have the same lust for life as domesticated animals. "Only hardened, money driven, unfeeling humans would deprive these creatures of a life free from terror and pain and at the very least, let them live in relative comfort in an environment which offers them some natural stimulus as opposed to crowding them into darkened, stinking sheds.

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"Your words about 'animal rights activists' are insulting, judgemental and small minded.  Most people who get involved in animal welfare campaigns are ordinary people who make their own minds up about campaigns based on their own beliefs and the facts they are presented with.  

"To say that people will be handing over cash because they are misguided and ill-informed shows an incredible arrogance and highlights how incredibly out of touch you are away from your rural comfort zone.

"Mr Liddell-Grainger, you continue living in your cocoon where your biggest concern seems to be renewing your gun licences whilst other people continue campaigning and fighting for their beliefs with passion and compassion based on facts.

"No doubt we will hear from you again when you feel that your rural idyll is under threat from ignorant and "ill-informed" townies."

Will Chalmers 
Gooch Close