HAS the artist Banksy visited Minehead this week?

A number of businesses across the town have mysteriously received small art posters with a defaced version of the new Minehead Bay logo.

The image depicts a rat holding a paintbrush having vandalised the logo so that it reads Minehead OBay (or obey) - and bears striking similarity to work by the iconic Bristol-based artist.

This has led to speculation over whether they are genuine or more likely a homage from a local.

Lucy Watters, who works at Chambers Bistro in the town, discovered the small poster on the floor when she came into work on Tuesday morning.

"It must have been pushed through the door as we don't really have a letterbox as such. I had a look and thought 'What is this all about?'," Miss Watters said.

"It is printed on quite expensive card -someone has gone through a lot of effort to put this together. I think it is a local person trying to stir discussion in the town.

"I know Toddy's and Costa received them as well and I've heard there were others."

Debate has been rife in the town over the past month with an ongoing battle between two rival logos - the official Minehead Bay logo with the tagline 'Discover Hidden Treasure', and a rival logo which has garnered a lot of support in the town with the slogan 'Simply Moor To Sea'.

Some supporters have starting using the Banky-style 'OBay' as their profile picture on Facebook, after last week the Minehead Coastal Community Team stood by the Bay logo.

Cllr Andrew Hadley, who is one of the managing directors at Chambers said: "Chambers Bistro is supporting the Minehead Bay logo that has been democratically selected by the Minehead Coastal Community Team, following due process.

"We are also fully supportive of and will be voting in favour of the Minehead Business Investment District, and we are looking forward to supporting the town when the next phase of the Enterprising Esplanade projects gets under way shortly with more consultation preceding the changes to the eastern esplanade area of the seafront."