TALK about poetic justice and revenge being sweet!

Somerset well and truly hoisted the old petard in their rousing 231-run win to send Middlesex spinning into the second division instead of themselves.

Supporters’ celebrations at the Taunton county ground were so enthusiastic that you’d have thought they’d won the championship, as they really should have done last year when Middlesex worked more than the oracle, or, to be blunt, something resembling sharp practice, in contriving a result with Yorkshire, including a celebrated hat trick.

No complaints then from the powers that be at Lords.

But, one wonders, might not Somerset have done the same in similar circumstances?

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Even so, Middlesex tried to have the final say in complaining about the state of the Somerset wicket this week. What it really amounted to was that they were outplayed.

It was a testing wicket for the batsmen and Somerset bowlers exploited a helpful wicket better than their opponents, with the exception of Middlesex spinner Patel’s 12 wickets in the match.

Cpl Jones in ‘Dad’s Army’ had an expression for it which sums up Somerset’s dominance.

The fact that Somerset stayed up by just one point and Middlesex went for the drop must have been even more galling for the London lads, especially as they were docked two points for slow overrate in a recent match.

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A case of ifs, buts and maybes all over again.

Justice seems not only to have been done but seen to be done and not only by euphoric Somerset supporters.

Roll on next season and who knows what will be in store after these past two dramatic seasons.