Somerset Premier
Hovelands 60, Claremont 42

GALMINGTON’s third team met its fourth team on Saturday, as Hovelands took on Claremont.

It was the dreaded league fixture when teams (and friends) are pitted against each other, but both teams put their best foot forward and started the match strongly.

Claremont successfully kept within touching distance throughout the first 20 minutes of the game.

Hovelands turned it up a notch in the second quarter and the shooting accuracy of GA Polly Land saw the goal tally shoot up, while also earning her player of the match.

Claremont were left feeling at a bit at a loss at half time, but they needn’t have worried.

A switch around in defence saw Claremont start to break down Hovelands’ attack, with Lydia Reeves and Heather Manning doing an excellent job of confusing the space in the Hovelands shooting circle.

Player of the match for Claremont, however, went to Charlotte Setter for her relentless work in attack and defence.

Hovelands remain unbeaten at the top of the Somerset Premier League and, as always, the girls all left the court as friends!

Players of the match: Polly Land & Charlotte Setter; Hovelands sponsored by PW Pepperell & Son; Claremont sponsored by Somerset County Sports

Somerset Division 2
Queensway 29, Spears 57

IT was a day of mixed results for Queensway’s GA Sophie Anderson.

Queensway took to the court against top-of-the-table and unbeaten side Spears of Paulton.

Nerves showed throughout the first half as the opposition took an early lead which they built on throughout 60 minutes.

After some words of encouragement and a couple of changes to personnel, Queensway went into the second half determined to get stuck in.

Anderson put in a great performance at GA, finding her range and staying strong against a physical and experienced Spears defence.

With four minutes to go, ace player Anderson took a tumble and managed to knock herself unconscious.

Thankfully, she’s resting up with a mild concussion and multiple bruises – now that is taking one for the team!

Player of the match: Sophie Anderson; sponsor: One Day Like This

Somerset Division 3
Newbarn 47, Brendon 19

IT was back to winning ways for Newbarn, who met Brendon in a Taunton derby.

Helen Pattinson at GS and Bev Boobyer at GA shot superbly, receiving glorious feeds from Under-14s up-and-coming star Jessie Smythe at WA.

And, as always, captain Kelly Nicholls gave her all.

WD Hannah Lenthall offered continuous support coming up court and taking valuable interceptions.

The defensive might of Under-16s Bea Renyard at GD and GNC favourite Toni Smyth at GK proved too much for Brendon.

Renyard took the player of the match award for her excellent performance in the defensive circle, although a special shout must go to Lisa Manley for putting in an impressive stint at GK after Jo Mellor injured her knee.

Sponsor: Being Your Best


Somerset County Gazette:

TAUNTON Netball Club side Monmouth (from left to right): Helen Lucas, Kim Radford, Ria Binding, Nicole Smith, Jade Barnett, Rebecca Willy, Melissa Cleverly.

Somerset Division 1
Monmouth 46, Quantock 30

MONMOUTH met fellow Taunton Netball Club team Quantock in Division 1 on Saturday, with Monmouth emerging victorious.

Quantock started slowly against a faster-paced Monmouth, who took an early lead.

But as the quarter went on, Quantock began to find their feet and pulled the score back to 13-8.

Monmouth demonstrated some strong attacking play which Quantock’s defence struggled to break down, and extended their lead to 25-15.

Quantock came out fighting in the third quarter, determined to close the gap.

Strong attacking play and successful feeds into their shooting circle saw Quantock win the quarter and reduce their deficit to 31-24.

In the last quarter Monmouth continued with their strong play and Quantock struggled to break down the centre court, as the game finished with a win for Monmouth and a well-deserved point for Quantock.

Player of the match for Monmouth: Jade Barnett; POM for Quantock: Sharlie White; Monmouth squad: GS Helen Lucas, GA Jade Barnett, WA Rebecca Willy, C Kim Radford, WD Nicole Smith, GD Ria Binding, GK Melissa Cleverly; Quantock squad: GS Lauren Wilkinson, GA Charlotte Denman, WA Rachel Morgan, C Kate Durbin, WD Andrea Dobson, GD Sharlie White/Tejah Mossman, GK Linda Holder/Sharlie White; Monmouth sponsored by Granite Transformations; Quantock sponsored by Mecca Bingo.

Somerset Division 3
Tudor 53, Kingfishers 57

TUDOR hosted Keinton’s Kingfishers and the first quarter got off to a promising start, with Tudor managing to turn over a couple of Kingfishers’ centre passes and finishing 15-14 ahead.

The second quarter saw some strong play from Kingfishers, which saw them pull ahead, and the third quarter brought more of the same, with the visitors extending their lead to 46-40.

The final quarter heralded a pushback from Tudor, who managed to come from being several goals behind to leading by a goal a few minutes from the end with excellent play from their attack.

Kingfishers, though, managed a couple of quick goals in the last few minutes to get back in front and clinch victory.

POM: Zoe Coggins; squad: GS Zoe Coggins, GA Sophie Bond, WA Sian Blake, C Louise Frost, WD Ally Gabell, GD Verity Stone, GK Rhonda Robins/Denise Evely.

Somerset Division 3
Brendon 19, Newbarn 47

BRENDON played Galmington’s Newbarn and had a great start, trailing by just five at the end of the first quarter.

Unfortunately for the Taunton side, Newbarn then upped their game in the second quarter and pulled away to lead 23-8.

Although the game ended with a loss for Brendon, team spirits were high and they enjoyed a good game.

POM: Libby Binding; squad: GS Beth Lacy-Rigby, GA Zoe Coggins, WA Hannah Robins, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Libby Binding, GD Trish Hutchinson GK Emma Burns.