MINEHEAD AFC have been busy holding their end-of-season awards evenings.

The Under-18s were South Division runners-up and League Cup winners.

The Under-12s and Under-13s are yet to have their evening but the Under-12s were Division 1 runners-up and the Under-13s fair play award winners for Division 1 in the Taunton Youth League.

This completes a successful season for the club, who go into next season with a new clubhouse on the horizon.

Award winners

Under-7 Manager’s Player - Zephyr Setter; Under-7 Most Improved Player - Harry Milton; Under-7 Clubman - George Barnfield.

Under-8 Manager’s Players - Amelia Bissell and Luke Brown; Under-8 Most Improved Players - Lewis Keith and Elliot Flannigan-Hooks; Under-8 Clubman - Jacob Wyre.

Under-9 Manager’s Player - Erin Stron; Under-9 Most Improved Player - Luke Cluett; Under-9 Clubman - Briony Smith.

Under-10 Manager’s Player - Ashton Bruford; Under-10 Most Improved Player - Dylan Jeanes; Under-10 Clubman - Caleb Laney.

Under-11 Manager’s Player - Oliver Hall; Under-11 Most Improved Player - Lennon Furse-Sowden; Under-11 Players’ Player - Alfie Lyons; Under-11 Clubman - Ashton Jackson.

Under-14 Manager’s Player - Lewis Leach; Under-14 Most Improved Player - Isaac Sweetland; Under-14 Players’ Player - Riley Merrick; Under-14 Clubman - Kevin Prescott.

Under-15 Manager’s Player - Bartoz Kubaczewski; Under-15 Most Improved Player - Kyle Bruford; Under-15 Players’ Player - George Barnfield; Under-15 Top Goalscorer - Bartoz Kubaczewski; Under-15 Clubman - Zeb Toogood.

Under-16 Manager’s Player - Ethan Palmer; Under-16 Most Improved Player - Josh Bruford; Under-16 Players’ Player - Ethan Palmer; Under-16 Top Goalscorer - Cameron March; Under-16 Clubman - Jack Campbell-Farmer.

Under-18 Manager’s Player - Rob Vickers; Under-18 Most Improved Player - Jake Hill; Under-18 Players’ Player - Oliver Jones; Under-18 Top Goalscorer - Oliver Jones; Under-18 Clubman - Sam Harley; Under-18 Donkey - Callum Barnfield.

Reserves Manager’s Player - Toby Morris; Reserves’ Players’ Player - Karl Boswell; Reserves Young Players - Dan Vickers and Cameron March; Reserves Top Goalscorer - Max Smith; Reserves Clubman - Luke Giess; Reserves Donkey - Sean Meade.

First XI Manager’s Player - Darren Sherring; First XI Players’ Player - Luke Bloys; First XI Young Player - Callum Barnfield; First XI Top Goalscorer - Guy Burns; First XI Clubman - John Burns.

The Supporters’ Player award and the Gerry Hatrick award went to Callum Barnfield, while the Club Ambassador award for services to the club over many years went to John Burns.