I always check the Titans’ away result on the England RFU competitions site on a Saturday evening and last weekend it showed 'Tonbridge 72, Titans 27' and I could not have been more disheartened, writes Dick Macey.

Therefore, what a relief to discover that scoreline was a typo and, in fact, the score was only 46-17 in favour of Tonbridge!

Having bitten my lip and clenched my fists, saying that sort of thing happens in sport, I then asked myself “What on earth has gone wrong with the Titans?” - and, to be truthful, I am still searching for clues.

If you cast back over the past three or four seasons you will see a dreadful similarity - a great start to the seasons through September and October and then curtain up November and it all goes pear-shaped.

They become poor travellers, the nature of the weather changes and therefore the pitches and playing surfaces alter their qualities and we just don’t seem to be able to adjust.

It is to be hoped we are now moving into December and we can shake off the Autumnal blues, do what we have done in the past and adjust our mind-set and get back on track.

I have never doubted that the Titans are well coached but I am concerned they don’t seem to settle into their games until half the game has gone and then they find themselves playing catch-up.

It would be quite erroneous to suggest the season has lost its edge but the talent is there, so where is the motivation?

Is that lacking off the pitch or on the pitch?

Now, looking ahead to the New Year, there is no better opportunity to turn things around.

Over the next four weeks there are three home games and the only away game is in Bristol against Dings Crusaders at their new ground opposite Frenchay Hospital.

It is my contention that now is the time for the 16th man to get behind the team and lift them, so I would urge the Titans supporters to provide that missing nugget of motivation to put the boys back into contention.

This coming Saturday, the Taunton men are at home at Hyde Park to Bristol-based Old Redcliffians (kick off 3pm) with a club carvery lunch available beforehand.

See you there!