Regional League 3 South
Taunton Vivary 48, Tor Knights 55

HOSTS Vivary had a strong start, turning over lots of ball and converting them into goals to earn a 16-14 lead.

The second quarter saw Knights fight back, and by the halfway stage they led 26-24.

The third quarter followed in a similar fashion, with some great interceptions from both teams and very high shooting statistics (36-41).

Vivary continued to fight until the very end, but the match ended with Knights taking the win.

Player of the match: Lauren Wilkinson; opposition's player of the match: Lauren Knight; squad: Lauren Wilkinson, Mya Hounsell, Emily Tong, Faye Symons, Susie Marsh, Lauren Knight, Meg Palmer, Amelia Watson, Nicole Smith; sponsor: Shine Hair Management.

Somerset Premier Division
Tone 56, Newton 49

TONE triumphed over Newton, from Yeovil, 56-49 on Saturday.

POM: Lauren Wilkinson; OPOM: Lauren Knight; squad: GS Lauren Wilkinson, GA Jade Barnett, WA Ruby Porter, C Lauren Knight, WD Erin Humphris, GD Lucy Jones, GK Becky Lucas; sponsor: The Kings Arms.

Somerset Premier Division
Monmouth 34, Wyndham 23

MONMOUTH started extremely well to get a head-start over Yeovil's Wyndham, with the score 11-7 at the end of the first quarter.

Continuing to play well with great all-round defence, and Vicki and Hannah shooting accurately, Monmouth were 19-12 up at half time.

The third quarter saw Monmouth storm further ahead by turning over the opposition’s ball well (24-17).

The Taunton side kept it steady in the final quarter to secure their first victory of the season.

POM & OPOM: Ria Binding; squad: GS Vicki Cornish, GA Hannah Cork, WA Kate Durbin, C Kim Radford, WD Amy McGregor, GD Ria Binding, GK Melissa Cleverly; sponsor: Wilkie May and Tuckwood.

Somerset Division 1
Quantock 31, Hendford 35

AN inconsistent first quarter saw Quantock pull through to lead 8-6, with some positive drives towards the end.

The second quarter started goal for goal, with some good interceptions down the court, but ended with Hendford pulling away (18-13).

Great defensive pressure ensured the third quarter was drawn.

Hendford raised their game in the fourth quarter, and despite great effort by debutant Abbey, Quantock couldn’t quite catch their opponents.

POM & OPOM: Abbey Teape; squad: GS Helen Lucas, GA Maisie Reynolds, WA Molly White, C Tina Follett, WD Abbey Teape, GD Sharlie White, GK Verity Ward; sponsor: Mecca Bingo.

Somerset Division 2
Priory 54, Reckleford 39

THE game started with a close first quarter in which Priory took a slight lead (16-14).

In the second quarter, both teams kept working hard, but Priory edged ahead to lead 28-22 at half time.

Reckleford came back with new tactics in the third quarter, but Priory kept their lead (41-30) and ultimately held on to take the win.

POM: Ali White & Gugu Mlotshwa; OPOM: Becca Holder; squad: GS Becca Holder, GA Hanna Jarvis, WA Andrea Dobson, C Sarah Hughes, WD Gugu Mlotshwa, GD Ellie Tolman, GK Ali White; sponsor: Matt Durbin Associates.

Somerset Division 2
Blackdown 47, Aldon 29

BLACKDOWN faced a tough first quarter, as both sides came out fighting (13-7).

The second quarter was again quite tight, with Aldon displaying some excellent defence to frustrate Blackdown’s shooters.

However, Blackdown held strong and, with some fine interceptions, led 25-14 at half time.

The third quarter saw Blackdown’s attackers come out firing, and they moved 37-20 ahead.

The final quarter saw the intensity of the game rise, but Blackdown’s defence held strong.

POM: Victoria Saban; OPOM: Rhonda Robins; squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Hanna Jarvis/Becca Holder, WA Kate Stubbins, C Louise Frost, WD Victoria Saban, GD Hayley Milne, GK Rhonda Robins; sponsor: Mortgage Select.

Somerset Division 2
Tudor 25, Walton 60

WALTON were a very strong team and made an impressive start, scoring 13 goals to Tudor’s five in the first quarter.

Some great defence and interceptions were made by Tudor, but they did struggle with getting the ball down the court.

POM: Charlotte Owen; OPOM: Tanya Binding; squad: GS Charlotte Owen, GA Maddy Russell, WA Ally Gabell, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Libby Binding, GD Zoe Godber-Ford, GK Tanya Binding, reserve Sophia Valmiki; sponsor: Marked Skin.

Somerset Division 3
Brendon 42, Summerhouse 33

A LIVELY game saw the Yeovil side’s passing and shooting go well, but thanks to impressive interceptions and sound play in the attacking circle, Brendon finished the first quarter ahead by two goals.

Strong passing, feeding and shooting stretched the lead to 10 in the third quarter as Brendon saw out the win.

POM: Trish Hutchinson; OPOM: Becca Holder; squad: GS Lauren Wilkinson, GA Becca Holder, WA Mel Reynolds, C Jess Larkman, WD Emma Burns, GD Ria Binding, GK Trish Hutchinson; sponsor: Bridgwater & Taunton College.


Regional League 1
Crossbow 41, Galmington 59

GALMINGTON secured a third win in a row by triumphing away to Crossbow on Sunday.

They made a fast start, their attacking combinations working beautifully, and led 19-13 after the first quarter.

That became 36-22 by half time and then 50-31, as good defensive pressure forced Crossbow into mistakes.

The visitors tired a little in the final quarter, but kept things ticking over to see out the win.

Player of the match: Daisy West; opposition’s player of the match: Isla May.

Regional League 3 South
Bodmin 46, Hovelands 44

HOVELANDS came so close to their first win of the season, only to lose out by two goals away to Bodmin.

With a new-look side, they found themselves nine goals by the end of the first quarter, only to win the next three – but it was not quite enough.

With the team gelling as the game went on, they had their hosts on the ropes, but the time just ran out.

POM: Bea Renyard; sponsor: Joseph Woods Builders.

Somerset Premier Division
Claremont 63, Kestrels 29

CLAREMONT were forced into making changes for their match with Kestrels, but still did enough to keep themselves at the top of the table.

They settled quickly, building a 17-6 lead by the end of the first quarter, and despite the slippy conditions that advantage had crown to 34-15 by the halfway stage.

The defensive trio remained solid, moving into a 50-22 lead and then wrapping up another victory.

POM: Sophie Hooley; sponsor: Somerset County Sports.

Somerset Division 2
Newbarn 39, Queensway 35

TWO Galmington sides, Newbarn and Queensway, went head-to-head in a match which ended with Newbarn the victors by four goals.

Queensway led 10-7 after the opening quarter, but their club-mates fought back to take the second quarter 19-16, and went on to claim a win that knocked Queensway off top spot.

POM: Veronica Hogben (Newbarn) & Eve Newman (Queensway); sponsors: Silvers Pantry & The Yew Tree Group.