Somerset League Division 2

Wells Canons 23, Taunton Priory 49

PRIORY travelled to Canons for a midweek fixture and started well, taking an early lead (13-3). Canons fought back but Priory maintained their lead.

They extended the lead to enter the final quarter 37-18 up continued with strong play to maintain their lead (24-13). A positive half time talk prepared Priory for an energetic third quarter in which they extended their lead to 37-18.

They maintained their form to take a comfortable victory.

POMs: Zoe Stacey and Sophie Bond; OPOM: Gracie Stevens. The squad: GS Zoe Stacey, GA Sophie Bond, WA Andrea Dobson, C Sarah Hughes, WD Victoria Saban, GD Gracie Stevens, GK Rhonda Robins.

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Regional League Division 3

Vivary 45, Tor Knights 37

VIVARY knew they would be in for a tough match having suffered a defeat in their last meeting.

Knights started off the stronger and led 11-7 early on.

In the second and third quarters, Vivary worked well to get themselves back into the game and went into the final quarter trailing by two goals.

Determined to snatch a win they ended strongly to take a fine win.

POM: Lauren Knight; OPOM: Emily Tong. The squad: Emily Tong, Lauren Wilkinson, Susie Marsh, Faye Symons, Meg Palmer, Lauren-Jade Griffiths, Amelia Watson, Lauren Knight, Fee Grammer, Ruby Porter.

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Somerset League Premier

Monmouth 42, Sydenham Sapphires 33

IT WAS berserk, crazy time on the befuddling Monmouth rollercoaster again.

Sapphires had probably climbed on board at the start of the ride assuming they knew where it would take them, only to be dropped off somewhere unexpected.

The over-energetic first quarter from both teams left it unclear as to the outcome.

Monmouth led 10-9 at the end of the first quarter, then upped their game to go 22-19 up at half-time.

The dreaded third quarter that has been Monmouth’s curse this season arrived and Sapphires' strong attack nearly took the initiative, but an exquisite, well-taken goal seemed to settle their nerves and they took a 32-27 lead going into the final quarter.

An air of victory gave them the extra vim to finish the game in style, notching up their second win of the season.

POM: Everyone. The squad: GS Hannah Cork, GA Vicki Cornish, WA Kate Durbin, C Kim Radford, WD Erin Humphris, GD Amy McGregor, GK Denise Evely.

Sponsored by Wilkie May & Tuckwood.

Somerset League Division 1

Quantock 36, Purnell's Harlequins 28

QUANTOCK started well and led 8-3 after the first quarter.

The defence worked well, communicating and turning the ball over with support from the centre court (15-7).

Harlequins came back fighting in the third quarter and scored another nine goals.

Quantock’s shooters worked the ball around the circle well and made some safe shots managing to notch up another eleven goals (26-16).

Quantock continued to defend and attack well, their early lead earning them a win.

POMs were Rachel Morgan and Sharlie White, OPOM was Sharlie White. The squad: GS Helen Lucas, GA Maisie Reynolds, WA Rachel Morgan, C Molly White/Clara Higginson, WD Abbey Teape, GD Sharlie White, GK Melissa Cleverly.

Sponsored by Mecca Bingo.

Somerset League Division 2

Priory 66, Sydenham Emeralds 19

PRIORY's shooters had their work cut out in windy conditions but led the first quarter 13-3 and added another 22 in the second.

The rest of the match continued in a similar vein.

POM: Lucy Hird; OPOM: Ellie Tolman. The squad: GS Zoe Stacey, GA Lucy Hird, WA Andrea Dobson, C Sarah Hughes, WD Gugu Mlotshwa, GD Ellie Tolman, GK Helen Cleverly.

Sponsored by Matt Durbin Associates,

Somerset League Division 2

Blackdown 37, Walton 46

BLACKDOWN had a strong start and led by three goals before Walton gain a 13-11 lead.

Walton powered ahead in the second quarter and extended their lead to 27-16.

Blackdown fought back to enter the final quarter six goals down but Walton managed to pull away again at the end.

POM & OPOM: Hanna Jarvis. The squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Hanna Jarvis, WA Charlotte O’Leary/Siobhan Cleverly, C Louise Frost, WD Victoria Saban, GD Verity Ward, GK Rhonda Robins.

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Somerset League Division 3

Brendon 20, Purnells Minstrels 37

BRENDON played second-placed Minstrels in the third division, losing 20-37.

POM: Clara Higginson; OPOM: Jess Larkman. The squad: Jess Larkman, Ellie Murray, Millie Chappell, Lexi Parsons, Clara Higginson, Emma Burns, Trish Hutchinson, Zoe Godber-Ford.

Sponsored by Bridgwater & Taunton College.

Taunton's Under-16s regional team beat Firebirds 49-40

POM: Erin Humphris.