Somerset League Division 2

Priory 51, Tudor 28

IN a midweek, inter-club fixture, Priory played Tudor and took a 13-3 lead with quick responses and teamwork to get the ball down the court.

Tudor picked up in the second quarter but still trailed 23-11.

Priory had a high-scoring third quarter and the final quarter saw Priory continue to lead the game, despite Tudor managing to convert some interceptions to goals.

Priory’s POM - Gracie Stevens; OPOM - Gugu Mlotshwa. Priory’s squad - GS Zoe Coggins, GA Sophie Bond, WA Andrea Dobson, C Louise Frost, WD Gugu Mlotshwa, GD Gracie Stevens, GK Ellie Tolman.

Tudor’s POM and OPOM - Lucy Hird. Tudor’s squad - GS Lucy Hird, GA Maddy Russell, WA Lexi Parsons, C Jess Larkman, WD Libby Binding, GD Hayley Milne, GK Tanya Binding; Priory sponsored by Matt Durbin Associates; Tudor sponsored by Marked Skin

Somerset League Premier

Tone 45, Claremont 71

TONE anticipated a tough game and Claremont did not disappoint.

Tone trailed 10-17 early on and struggled to find their flow, with Claremont capitalising on unforced errors.

Positional changes in the third and fourth quarters saw a closer second half but Tone continued to struggle against a strong Claremont side.

POM - Hannah Robins. The squad - Fee Grammer, Jade Barnett, Erin Humphris, Hannah Robins, Kim Tong, Becky Lucas, Lucy Jones, Gracie Stevens; sponsored by The King’s Arms.

Somerset League Premier

Monmouth 31, Tomahawks 54

MONMOUTH played Tomahawks who came out strong and led the first quarter 13-7.

Tomahawks took advantage of any mistakes, converting with accurate shooting to lead 33-12 at half-time.

Monmouth had a lot to do in the third quarter, winning interceptions, but still trailed 21-45 going into the final quarter.

They came back strong, winning the fourth quarter by a goal, but it was scant reward for their efforts.

POM - Hannah Cork. The squad - Hannah Cork, Vicki Cornish, Kate Durbin, Clara Higginson, Amy McGregor, Denise Evely, Gracie Stevens; Sponsored by Wilkie May & Tuckwood.

Somerset League Division 1

Quantock 38, Parkfield 49

QUANTOCK were excited and nervous to be facing local rivals Parkfield after a close game previously.

Both teams started strongly but Quantock, with a lack of discipline, struggled to keep hold of their centre passes and Parkfield capitalised on every opportunity to lead 15-7.

Quantock came back fighting in the second quarter but Parkfield managed to extend their lead slightly.

The third quarter saw Quantock close the gap to 32-26 but, with Quantock’s heads starting to drop, Parkfield kept their composure and increased their lead to take the win.

POM and OPOM - Maisie Reynolds. The squad - GS Helen Lucas, GA Maisie Reynolds, WA Rachel Morgan, C Molly White, WD Abbey Teape, GD Sharlie White, GK Melissa Cleverly.

Sponsored by Mecca Bingo.

Somerset League Division 2

Tudor 30, Newbarn 60

TUDOR tried their best to hold on to the ball but interceptions by Newbarn had them trailing 13-8 early on.

Tudor continued to work hard but still found Newbarn challenging as they led 31-17 at the halfway stage.

The pace continued into the third and final quarters but, unfortunately, it was too much for Tudor to make up.

POM and OPOM - Clara Higginson. The squad - GS Lucy Hird, GA Maddy Russell, WA Verity Ward/Mel Reynolds, C Clara Higginson, WD Emma Burns, GD Libby Binding, GK Tanya Binding; Sponsored by Marked Skin.

Somerset League Division 3

Brendon 22, Comeytrowe 68

BRENDON played Galmington’s Comeytrowe in Division 3, losing 22-68.

POM - Verity Stone; OPOMs - Verity Stone and Felicity Walmsley. The squad - Siobhan Cleverly, Felicity Walmsley, Trish Hutchinson, Verity Stone, Millie Chappell, Emma Burns, Sophia Valmiki.

Sponsored by Bridgwater & Taunton College.

n TAUNTON’S Under-16 A team put in a great effort at the Regional Under-16 Division 2 play-offs this weekend.

Despite not winning their games, they kept fighting and played great netball, doing the club proud.