Somerset KO Cup semi-final
Taunton Tone 90, Wells Bishops 29

TONE dominated the game from the start, forcing errors from Bishops and capitalising on them quickly which allowed them an early 26-7 lead.

At 50-13 up going into the second half Tone saw Bishops fight back but another strong quarter ensures a place in the cup final against Abbey of Tor.

POM: Jade Barnett; squad: GS Fee Grammer, GA Jade Barnett, WA Ruby Porter/Erin Humphris, C Hannah Robins, WD Kim Tong, GD Lauren Knight, GK Becky Lucas; sponsor: The King’s Arms

Somerset KO Cup semi-final
Priory 29, Queensway 50

PRIORY did not start well in the first quarter and took a while to get into their stride, allowing Queensway to take an early 19-6 lead.

The second quarter saw Priory make a comeback but Queensway pulled away in the third quarter to 40-22.

Priory continued to fight during the final quarter with some excellent defence but Queensway took the win.

POM: Sarah Hughes, Zoe Stacey & Gracie Stevens; squad: GS Lucy Hird, GA Zoe Stacey, WA Clara Higginson, C Sarah Hughes, WD Gugu Mlotshwa, GD Ellie Tolman, GK Gracie Stevens; sponsor: Matt Durbin Associates

Somerset KO Cup semi-final
Blackdown 42, Newbarn 70

THE first quarter saw both teams come out fighting, Kate Stubbins and Louise Frost working hard feeding the ball into the circle.

However, despite some brilliant play, Newbarn made some interceptions which earned them an 18-9 lead.

Victoria helped to bring the ball down the court to the shooters and made some lovely interceptions during the second quarter with both teams demonstrating intense competitiveness (19-40).

Hayley Milne and Zoe Godber-Ford in defence applied pressure to their players and made some brilliant interceptions to yield a much closer quarter at 30-54.

The final phase saw some lovely drives and impressive shots from Lucy Cox and Lucy Hird, the shooting duo, with the centre court continuing to play well.

Blackdown kept their heads up and stayed positive throughout the game.

POM: Zoe Godber-Ford; OPOM: Lucy Cox; squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Lucy Hird, WA Kate Stubbins, C Louise Frost, WD Victoria Saban, GD Zoe Godber-Ford, GK Hayley Milne; sponsor: Mortgage Select

Somerset League Division 2
Tudor 23, Venus 57

TUDOR had a hard first quarter as they learned to gel with new combinations and were 13-3 down.

They continued to struggle during the second quarter but upped their defence after half-time, limiting Venus to just ten goals in a much closer quarter.

In the final quarter, Tudor gave a final push to almost reach half of Venus’ score but they couldn’t quite get there.

POM: Libby Binding, Tanya Binding & Ellie Murray; OPOM: Felicity Walmsley; squad: GS Felicity Walmsley, GA Ellie Murray, WA Lexie Parsons, C Jess Larkman, WD Libby Binding, GD Trish Hutchinson, GK Tanya Binding; sponsor: Marked Skin


TAUNTON Under-14s played Purnell’s Under-16s and came away with a fine 29-24 win.

POM: Flo; Coaches’ POM: Esme