TAUNTON Deane Bowling Club held its annual Indoor Winter Competition finals at Blackbrook over the weekend.

The 14 finals were a culmination of more than 200 matches beginning back in October, 2018.

The event was well supported and the large crowds on both days were treated to some tense games and top quality bowling.

A highlight was the Ladies' Champion of Champions game between England International Kirsty Hembrow and England Under-18 Trialist Imogen Cracknell.

Hembrow took a 12-3 lead into the 10th end but Cracknell fought back to lead 20-19.

Hembrow then drew level with her last bowl on end 23, and won the match 21-20 on the next end.

In the Men’s Champion of Champions, after an even first 11 ends Trevor Keates pulled away from Tony Parsons to win 21-11.

Parsons gained some consolation by winning the Men’s Club Singles 21-10 against Nick Best.

Kirsty Hembrow completed the double by winning the Ladies' Club Singles, overcoming Eileen Phippen 21-13, at one stage being held 13-all.

In the Generation Pairs, evergreen Keith Denner and junior Noah Greenhoff beat Brian Hawkins and junior Cameron Jones 11-7.

The Men’s Clyno competition was won by Charlie Takle against Mark Reeve.

Sue Evans won the corresponding Ladies' Clyno 55-39 with the runner-up Pat Sully.

The Open Two Wood Singles resulted in another victory for Sue Evans 21-11 over Mark Reeve.

The final singles match was the Men’s Non-Winners where Leigh Batten had the upper hand over John Pavey winning 21-5.

The Ladies' Drawn Pairs resulted in a win for Imogen Cracknell and Wendy Merchant over Elsie Berry and Joan Jenkins, while the Men’s Pairs was settled on the last end with Mike Kennedy and Alan Jenkins overcoming Ian Collier and Tony Foxwell 17-16.

In the Drawn Mixed Pairs, Eileen Phippen and Stan Hedger had the upper hand over Richard Edwards and Di Routley.

The Open Australian Pairs saw Dan Burt and Kevin Burt beat Lynn Williams and Keith Denner 19-12.

John Troke, Alan Stone, and Barry Porter won the Open Drawn Triples beating Dan Burt, Adrian Davis and Charlie Takle 17-13.

Men’s C of C - Trevor Keates 21, Tony Parsons 11; Ladies' C of C - Kirsty Hembrow 21, Imogen Cracknell 20; Men’s Club Singles - Tony Parsons 21, Nick Best 10; Ladies' Club Singles - Kirsty Hembrow 21, Eileen Phippen 13; Men’s Clyno - Charlie Takle 55, Mark Reeve 41; Ladies' Clyno - Sue Evans 55, Pat Sully 39; Open Two Wood - Sue Evans 21, Mark Reeve 11; Men’s Non-Winners - Leigh Batten 21, John Pavey 5; Generation Pairs - K. Denner, N. Greenhoff 11, B. Hawkins, C. Jones 7; Men’s Drawn Pairs - M. Kennedy, A. Jenkins 17, I. Collier, T. Foxwell 16; Ladies' Drawn Pairs - W. Merchant, I. Cracknell 20, E. Berry, J. Jenkins 12; Australian Pairs - D. Burt, K. Burt 19, L.Williams, K. Denner 12; Mixed Drawn Pairs - E. Phippen, S. Hedger 23, R. Edwards, D. Routley 9; Open Drawn Triples - J. Troke, A. Stone, B. Porter 17, D. Burt, A. Davis, C. Takle 13.