Regional League 3
Taunton Vivary 41, Lovell Titans 51

VIVARY were slow to start, with Titans scoring unanswered goals and taking an early lead.

However, they found their flow and matched Titans with Vivary trailing 11-12 after the first quarter.

On the return, Vivary struggled to pick up where they had left off and Titans took advantage to lead 32-16 at half-time.

Vivary made some further positional changes and, despite the deficit, fought hard to win the quarter and go in 12 down.

In the final quarter, Vivary reduced the gap but were unable to catch the Titans.

Player of the match: Lauren Knight & Nicole Smith, opposition’s player of the match: Amelia Watson; squad: Fee Grammer, Lauren Knight, Ruby Porter, Susie Marsh, Flora Collier, Amelia Watson, Nicole Smith, Lauren Wilkinson, Zoe Shadlock; sponsor: Shine Hair Management, ball sponsor: Ling Shooting

Regional League 3
Bodmin 56, Tone 42

TONE started strongly, pressuring the attack and converting to goals to take the first quarter lead 11-7.

Bodmin hit back to go in at half-time 22-20, then extended their lead to 38-29 going into the final quarter.

Tone kept fighting and worked well as a team until the final whistle went but were unable to close the gap.

POM: Gracie Stevens, OPOM: Kim Tong; squad: Vicki Cornish, Jade Barnett, Faye Symons, Hannah Robins, Kim Tong, Lauren-Jade Griffiths, Gracie Stevens, Becky Lucas; sponsor: The King’s Arms

Somerset Division 1
Monmouth 55, Quantock 40

MONMOUTH made a strong start to this inter-club clash, with lots of turnovers, and took an 18-11 lead.

Quantock fought back, though, reducing the deficit to 29-22 at half-time.

The third quarter saw another evenly matched quarter but, in the final quarter, Monmouth pulled away, despite best efforts from Quantock.

Monmouth POM: Abbey Teape, OPOM: Clara Higginson; Quantock POM: Vicki Cornish, OPOM: Amy McGregor; Monmouth squad: GS Lucy Hird, GA Hanna Jarvis, WA Rachel Lockyer, C Clara Higginson, WD Abbey Teape, GD Jayne Whaley, GK Becky Lucas; Quantock squad: GS Helen Lucas, GA Vicki Cornish, WA Kate Durbin/Tina Follett, C Gugu Mlotshwa, WD Amy McGregor, GD Denise Evely, GK Verity Ward; Monmouth sponsor: Wilkie May and Tuckwood, Quantock sponsor: Mecca Bingo, ball sponsor: Ling Shooting

Somerset Division 2
Priory 25, Blackdown 28

PRIORY entertained Blackdown in a Division 2 inter-club tie and won 28-25.

Priory POM: Maisie Reynolds, OPOM: Rebecca Webster; Blackdown POM: Linda Holder, OPOM: Sarah Hughes; Priory squad: GS Maisie Reynolds, GA Jess Larkman, WA Andrea Dobson, C Lily Smith, WD Clara Higginson, GD Rebecca Webster, GK Lindsay Smith; Blackdown squad: GS Lucy Cox, GA Sophie Bond, WA Sophie Atyeo, C Sarah Hughes, WD Rebecca Willy, GD Hayley Milne, GK Linda Holder; Priory sponsor: Matt Durbin Associates, Blackdown sponsor: Mortgage Select