FOOTBALL'S authorities had to "draw a line under the season" given the sport's suspension amid the coronavirus pandemic, says Taunton Town head of football Rob Dray.

Yesterday the Football Association announced that the 2019/20 season for Steps 3-6 of the National League system was at an end, with all results expunged.

It means no promotions or relegations, and so Taunton will remain in Southern League Premier South for next year.

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Dray told the County Gazette: "I think it was possibly the only decision to be made, although I feel sorry for the teams at the top of their division.

"Truro City were looking like strong favourites [to win Premier South], so I feel for them, but if you opened it up to other options, you could have 15 teams making a case for going up.

"I think you've got to draw a line under the season and look at the bigger picture - there's people losing their lives and their jobs at the moment.

2I've got my own business, and these are tough times for everyone."

With results from the league season now wiped away, how does Dray reflect on the 2019/20 campaign?

"It gives me some time to reflect and recharge, but as soon as this was announced I was speaking to the players, and it gives us a bit of clarity to plan ahead for next season.

"I think it's been a good season for us, parts of it could have been better and parts were excellent.

"If the league was decided on results between the top five I think we would've won it, but it doesn't work like that.

"We know that we need to concede fewer cheap goals."

Looking ahead, Dray added: "We're in a great position as a club.

"The Non-League football landscape will change after this, but with our fanbase and the way the club is run, we're in a good position.

"I've had a meeting with Kev [Sturmey, club chairman] and Brian Pollard [vice-chairman, stadium and facilities], as we're trying to get ahead of the game.

"But it's very, very difficult [not knowing when it will be safe to play football again].

"There are lots of things to consider - we made need to extend our pre-season to get everyone fit, and if EFL clubs are playing league games then, they won't want friendly matches [against Non-League clubs].

"But it's all about seeing those faces - fans, sponsors, the players - back through the doors again.

"There won't be a huge revolution in terms of the squad, as we're looking to bring three or four [new players] in, but we will need guidance from the FA for when we can start again."