THIS summer we are asking Somerset County Cricket Club's players a series of quickfire questions, and last week we found out a bit more about T20 captain Lewis Gregory.

Next up, it's batsman Eddie Byrom...

Q. If you could play cricket at any venue in the world (aside from Taunton of course!), where would it be?

A. I’d love to play at a packed out Eden Gardens, because of how noisy and atmospheric the ground seems to be.

Q. If you could change one rule in cricket, what would it be?

A. I would bring back the bowling and batting power plays. It was really interesting to see how teams would use their power plays and how they could make a big point of difference if used well.

Q. What’s the funniest or most bizarre thing you’ve seen on a cricket pitch?

A. The most bizarre/funniest thing I’ve seen was when an umpire’s hat flew off. It was a particularly windy day and he kept chasing after it. Eventually fielders from the other side of the field all started chasing his hat, and every time they got near it a gust blew it just out of reach for about three minutes!

Q. What is the best advice you’ve been given?

A. To trust the process. In cricket you don’t always get results quick and easy. It takes a lot of hard work to get technical changes to become comfortable, and working incredibly hard doesn’t always translate into runs that week. But in the longer term things will play out, so you just have to trust that the work you put in will eventually pay off as you go along and it’s important not to get too disheartened.

Q. What advice would you offer to a youngster starting out in cricket now?

A. I would tell any youngster to enjoy whatever they do and put a lot of hours of practice into it. But you have to have massive internal motivation and enjoy something in order to be really good at it, otherwise it will just become too hard. So don’t chase after any dream that isn’t yours.

Q. Who is your sporting hero?

A. My sporting heroes include Roger Federer, Michael Schumacher and Mike Hussey. All great at their respective sports but I always loved the way they carried themselves. Never boastful or in your face but always fiercely competitive.

Q. Which country (or city) have you never visited, but would love to go to?

A. I would love to go to the Seychelles and completely relax, or somewhere like New York to experience what America is like.

Q. What are you watching on television at the moment?

A. I’ve recently watched a Netflix series called You, which was pretty good; the Australian cricket documentary The Test was amazing and I’ve just started the Michael Jordan documentary (The Last Dance), which has been great so far. I started Tiger King but stopped watching it - absolute nutters on there!

Q. It’s karaoke night. What do you sing?

A. Wonderwall by Oasis... guitar in hand even!

Q. If you could self-isolate with one cricketer and one celebrity, who would they be?

A. Pete Trego because he is never short of stories to tell, and John Meyer so he could teach me guitar.