OUR next ‘club heroes’ come from Galmington Netball Club, which is - as it happens - asking its club members to vote for one of three candidates for ‘clubperson of the year’ ahead of the annual presentation evening.

The award encapsulates the key values of Galmington NC - respect, pride, resilience, coachability, commitment, accountability and support - and these three contenders all fit the bill.

Galmington’s Nic Wainwright explains: “Rachelle Billington is 100 per cent committed both on court and off.

"She supports all players and has undertaken her committee role as player representative this year amazingly.

"She brings a culture of positivity amongst players and an attitude about taking ownership of your own game, performance and being part of GNC.

"Rachelle has contributed massively to the club and always makes time to speak with individuals, despite her busy home and work life.

"She is always fair in her dealings and gives freely of her time and advice.

"Rachelle’s empathic, fair approach to club life has contributed to the overall positive experience of so many GNC members this past season.

"The support that Rachelle extends so readily and freely to anyone who asks for it enriches our club members and in doing so, the GNC club environment.

"Rachelle has a phenomenal ability to make 'you' feel like the only one in the room - she listens, she considers, she advises and she brings the best out in people, in her own calm, friendly, reassuring, empowering way.

"Rachelle embodies all the GNC values, very much adopting a club first mentality and supporting others to do the same.

"Polly Land is a fabulous GNC all-rounder who supports, encourages and brings out the best in all players, coaches and members of the GNC family.

"She gives up endless hours of time to support all teams, as well as checking in with members after training and games to praise, support and offer advice if needed.

"Polly is overwhelmingly positive and always demonstrates GNC values - she is very level-headed and is always striving to improve her performance on court, while putting the team and club before her own interests.

"She epitomises everything GNC aspires to be - she is committed, supportive and resilient, but much more than that, she brings out the GNC core values in others.

"Polly sees the best in people - regardless of ability or age, you can count on her to be your cheerleader.

"She is a fierce advocate for so many at the club and helps to build resilience and coachability in her fellow team-mates.

"She is positive but a realist and is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear.

"She gives her time freely and without expectation, something she has been doing for years.

"She is always checking in on others and shows weekly what it means to be 'club first'.

"Polly is the complete netballing role model.

"Lydia Reeves has grown so much this season in many areas, but most significantly in terms of vision for the club.

"Lydia seeks to be inclusive and fair while simultaneously exercising strength and good leadership.

"She is open and willing to learn and is extremely highly thought of across the whole club.

"Club life at Galmington is significantly improved because of all that she does.

"Lydia adores GNC and she is extremely passionate about making sure the club progresses in a positive direction.

"She is deeply invested in giving back in many voluntary ways and she is a great role model on and off the court.

"In support of the committee and chair Lydia always offers her insight and time, she fights passionately in favour of GNC values and supports members positively throughout the club.

"She is a GNC angel and the club would not be the same without her; the GNC future is in very safe hands."