TAUNTON Town head of football Rob Dray admits that it will be “incredibly difficult” to finish the Southern League season.

The Peacocks have only played six league games this season, and not at all since early November, with grassroots football having been suspended in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clubs are currently being asked for their views on how the season should finish, or whether it should be declared null and void - just as 2019/20 was.

“With the timescale we have, I think it’s going to be incredibly difficult to finish the season - even with an 18-game format with the league split into east and west,” Dray told the County Gazette.

“We all want to get back playing, but with 1,000 deaths a day [from Covid-19] we can’t think about playing football at the moment - people’s safety comes first.”

The players are keeping in touch with one another, however.

“The WhatsApp group is still lively, and the team spirit is good for what is a relatively new squad.

“It’s difficult for them, just as it is for the staff and club directors.

“The players are keeping on top of their fitness, but they have nothing to work towards.”

Contingency planning is taking place, as the club aims to be as prepared as possible for football’s eventual return.

“We are looking to secure our contract and non-contract players, as I believe this is the best squad I’ve had here,” Dray added.

“I don’t know how good they are yet, as we’ve only had six league games, but the squad will only get tighter.

“Hopefully we can train again in March, for six or seven weeks, and do some things that we don’t normally have time for in a pre-season, and then play some friendlies.

“We have to make sure we start next season properly and on time.”